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We will prepare chisels for various environments and applications

We manufacture chisel with the optimum shape and material according to the work environment and application.

Chisel design and heat treatment professionals are in charge of production as a team, so we can make oral requests or make proposals based on simple blueprints.


Production Examples

Long chisel for underwater work, high-altitude crushing work, deep hole crushing

It is a chisel to cover the effective length of the chisel required for underwater work in shallow water, pilot holes for building columns, crushing at high places, etc.
The cored chisel up to 1600 mm, and the coreless chisel up to 2800 mm may be manufactured.
10-20 working days after receipt of order
Details of proposal
Please tell us the specifications such as the chisel length required for the work.

Chisel with brim for tunnel construction

A chisel with a brim (dust shield) suitable for upward work in tunnels and places with a lot of dust.
They prevents debris and dust from entering the breaker machine.
Delivery Date
15 - 20 working days after receipt of order
Details of Proposal
Please tell us about the brim diameter and the effective length of the chisel. Unless otherwise specified, we will propose the optimum specifications based on our achievements.

Wide flat chisel for slope shaping and asphalt pavement cutting work (Ohira cutter)

It has a wider tip than a normal flat chisel, and is suitable for slope shaping, asphalt pavement cutting work, root cutting work such as planting.
15-20 working days after receipt of order
Details of proposal
Please let us know the tip width required.
We will select and propose the most suitable processing method such as forging and cutting depending on the size and shape.

Chisel for pile driving such as wooden piles (pile driving tamper)

Chisel for pile placement such as wooden piles and steel pipe piles.
We support not only wooden piles but also guardrail columns, steel sheet piles, H steel, etc.
15 - 25 working days after receipt of order
Details of proposal
Please tell us the specifications of the pile driving chisel, such as the size required for the driving work.
We can also ask you about the shape of the object to be placed and design it at our company.
We will propose with specifications that consider economy and workability.

Slit chisel

Compared to conventional moile points and flat chisel, our original slit structure increases the heat-treated surface area, greatly improving wear resistance.
By providing a slit-shaped groove, the discharge of crushed pieces is promoted, and the crushing efficiency is also improved.
The unique shape optimizes the wear balance, and it is also a major feature that the sharp state lasts for a long time even if it is shortened.
7 - 10 working days after receipt of order
Details of proposal
We support models from domestic manufacturers. Please let us know your breaker model.