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Manufacturing that is close to people's hearts with technology and quality

For more than 50 years since the founder's grandfather started the heat treatment processing industry, we have been developing and manufacturing a tool "chisel" that is attached to the tip of electric hammers and hydraulic excavators to process and crush rocks and concrete.

The products are used not only in Japan but also in construction sites, quarries and mines around the world such as Asia, the Middle East and North America.

By constantly expanding our knowledge, refining our technology, and making things with all our heart, we have received high trust and many requests from our customers, even though we are "only Chisel".

We pride ourselves on providing products that meet expectations with certainty in infrastructure work, construction and civil engineering work.

On the other hand, the products we make are sought after and used not only in hopeful new development areas but also in sad sites damaged by disasters.

Every time we learn from customer information and media that our products are used in such places, all employees are renewed in their efforts to create products that do not disappoint.

Whether you're moving forward or overcoming sadness.

We always keep in mind someone's "feelings" and will continue to manufacture products that are close to those who need them.

Representative Director Akina Maki

Management Philosophy

We hope to achieve individual growths and regional contributions through manufacturing.

We are a company that manufactures and sells impact-resistant tools.
We carefully select tough and excellent materials, process, lathe, forge, and heat-treat with many years of experience in our own factory, and carry out rigorous inspection to produce the world's highest quality tools.
In addition to quality improvement, we will also focus on 5S (organization, tidying, cleaning, cleanliness, discipline) to improve the workplace environment, practice efficiency, and lead to further growth of each employee.

Management Policy

Provision of High Quality Products

Strive to provide high-quality products and services based on excellent technology, and gain the reputation and trust of our customers.

Working with Society

Strive to actively contribute to society by coordinating with society as a good corporate citizen.

Flexible Handling of the Changing Times

Create new value by respond to new needs.

A Rewarding Work Environment

Provide a rewarding workplace that is attractive to employees and that takes safety and health into consideration.

Behavioural Guidelines

1. Make things that make the customers happy
2. Have a go at everything
3. Start by being able to act
4. Report, connect and link up with responsibility

Corporate History

1966 "Osakada Heat Treatment Industry" in Hayashino, Mimasaka City established by Katsushige Kosakada
1969 "Osakada Heat Treatment Co., Ltd." established in in Myoken, Mimasaka City
1970 Established a new quenching factory under Naraharashimo, Mimasaka City
1972 Established a new processing factory in Naraharashimo, Mimasaka City
1975 Head office transferred to Naraharashimo, Mimasaka City
1980 New office and warehouse established
1986 Second factory built
1989 Company name changed to "Osakada Tool Corp.”
1990 Yasuhiko Osakada became the second representative director
1995 Capital increased to 10,000,000 yen
1997 Quenching factory extended
2006 A new warehouse built
2014 Adopted for 2013 amended SME manufacturing subsidy business The third factory built
2015 Adopted for the 2014 amendment small and medium-sized enterprise manufacturing subsidy business
Awarded by Mimasaka City as a contributor to local employment and economic development
2017 Certified as a regional future leader by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry
2018 50th anniversary of establishment Tsuyama factory built
2019 Akina Maki becomes the third representative director

Company Overview

Company name Osakada Tool Corp.
Address 707-0024
135-1 Naraharashimo, Mimasaka City, Okayama Prefecture
Telephone 0868-72-1466
FAX 0868-72-4410
Established May 1969
number of employees 36 employees (as of 2021)
Capital 10,000,000 yen
Representative Director Akina Maki
Business description Chisel manufacturing / sales / OEM

Owned Machines

Name Model Processing capacity Number of units
Vertical machining center MV-65 1
NC lathe LB-15-2W、LS-30N、35N、LJ-5 1 each
NC lathe LJ-32A、LJ-62、SL-35 2 each
General-purpose lathe DLG-SH、2000 1 each
NC milling machine MHA4002 2
General-purpose milling machine MH-55 1
General-purpose milling machine F-2 2
Automatic circular saw CM-400 2
Automatic circular saw H-250 5
Hydraulic press SMC-55C 他 5
Heat treatment equipment (quenching / tempering furnace) 一式 12
NC milling machine FMV-30、FMV-50,ON-3V 1 each