2. 保障範囲

Cases of Warranty Claims for Incidents Involving Hydraulic Breaker Chisels

1.Cases subject to coverage by the guarantee

In the case that a fault occurs in the main body of the machinery due to a work related cause within the time period of one week.

Even in the case of a surface fracture that occurs within one week, the warrantee may not be applicable.

The warranty is not valid after one week."↑"shows the point of breaking

2.We are not liable for the following cases

① Break in the Middle of the Tool Body
  Graduated breaks in the middle of the body of the machinery or breaks slanted horizontally occur due to the application of excessive force.

② Chipping
  Repetitious blank firing or the use of round bush or chisel holder bush in a state of friction.

③ Breaks or chipping that occurs after the length of wearing reaches: 50mm or more for the Moyle point (P)  and the flat chisel (FX), and 30mm or more for the blunt (FE)

④ Chisels that have been modified or repaired by quenching and welding

⑤ Chisel Tip Wear or Abnormal Friction
  The wearing or abnormal friction due to the use of chisel against a very hard material or a long continuous use against the same area.

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